Frames and Wax

It is hard to do a blog when exhaustion from  over excretion takes root and that’s what happened with me.Now I am back and I am going to write on something simple,Frames and Wax.Here is the picture and you will have to agree that bees do make a yummy mess.The wax here is light and crumbly with some honey still on the frame.I have been burned the frames up in  previous years.This year I decided to clean them up with a blow torch and use them again.The only thing missing is the aroma.The frame  clean up gives the room the natural air freshener.


Here is a close up and you can see the honey cells chopped close to the  frame. The  light brown area on the wax is propolis and it is a water sealant the bees use for everything.Again you can see the soft white structure of the wax 

 Here is another type of wax that the bees make .It is dense and lot browner.It is a killer to remove it and here you can see what it looks like .This wax is used by the bees to seal the top board known as the crown board.I had two super boxes sealed with this wax and two people had to lift  both of them and the wax didn’t  give way.It was a job to separate them.A wax with incredible joining power!The lighter brown area on the frame is once again the propolis

 Here is what they look like when the have gone under my blow torch.Melted wax giving a lovely golden shine to the frame.The wax will seal all the burnt area smells and the honey stored will be unaffected by the lingering  smoke.The frames will be recycled and the right thing to do 

 Finally this is what the bees would have seen .A squeaky clean frame in the beginning before they started customizing for honey storage.Unbelivable transformation!


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Terrible upload

Number two swarm video in my previous blog was diabolical so here is the still copy to make up for the bad video upload  ..Ms royalty is on the left top corner of the picture .She is lighter in color and with a  longer abdomen.A very pretty moving sight in reality .


Same spot but in this picture you can see her emerging from within the swarm.She is quite free to move and is probably then queen from the previous year . My hives are full of male bees,the drones,produced in great number because of the mating season.Here is the wild comb with drones .On both sides of the circle is the longitudinal section and here they are happily changing from eggs to drones.The drones are small mating and eating machines.Their whole life revolves around getting prepared for the mating flight.After the job is done they no longer live.Short and sweet ending!

In this picture you see different stages of drone development .The drone nursery style says something about the bees maximum use of hive space.

Story to be continued 


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spot the queen

Clue look towards the left side of the swarm

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Hot wired 

The word biophilic  should be used  more often around the developers to make them keep away from our green corridors.Having a planter in the house is good but nothing like an open green space with few mature trees for our buzzing friends .I know most of us are hotwired to nature then to concrete blocks around us .Delight of seeing a picture of a tulip brings peace to mind then seeing a high risers in a urban setting.

 Research says engaging with nature can promote healing from stress fatigue,improve ability to manage pain and helps us to keep up the good human spirit.Since I have my beephilic under wraps with my bee hives so now my biophilic needs also deserves another look. Like this scabious below standing gracefully biophilic could be my piece of puzzle to hotwire my mobility to a next level.


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Bee philic?

So when the  guest speaker in my pain management asked us all to think of a place that has calming effect on the pain and most of us chose a place with blossoms and greenery. She defined the results as biophilic which means that we have innate attraction to nature and other form of life .Her suggestion was that more biophilic we are the better it is for our well being .Pictures with lot of nature is good for us.


Give me greenery or bees any time of the day!I am driven out of my bed so I can have a morning cuppa with them.I look forward to a trip to a hospital because I get a chance to be with nature on the way.Love my blue or white bells  in my back garden.

 With relaxing of planning rules more and more green belt is been given to developers I wonder why biophilic .Personally there is nothing more distasteful then seeing cranes and over development around me .


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Almost end of April and the flowering trees has taken over the airways with their fragrance and color.Its a showtime for flowering trees in my area.On my short journey to church I spotted five beautifully flowering head of trees.Wherever I looked  theses magnificent flowering beasts  were springing up with new life of excitement.For me,these trees had happiness  and medicinal value for my well being.No picture stopovers  because of busy drivers but today I have an immense sense of being part of a springtime flowering festivities thrown by nature for everyone to enjoy.A best show in my neck of the woods!  


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Summer Tree Magic 

The eye catching flowering trees in the parks are at its magical peak.The show is designed with human in mind. Once upon a time these trees from a nursery had a specification of its growing and flowering habit and planted to give certain form to the park.Like  these white flowering cherry trees  behind the beech hedge where my eye can trace a triangle form and looking beautiful under the blue sky.

 Then you have this flaunting flowering trees with delightful blossoms consisting of so many hues of pink and filling the air with spring fragrance.The blossoms just ready to give the grass a red carpet treatment with first windy day.A tree that draws your eyes back again and again for a feast

 Here a climbing  ivy allowed to go wild and its determined  to get to the top of an old cherry tree that’s passed its prime life.The ivy is making a powerful statement of its growing habit when not kept in check.The cherry trunk is happy to get a wild woodland makeover by a climbing ivy.Never the less it’s a tree you want your eye to feast on.

 Then you have this palm tree which caught my attention with its dominance of presence making me take notice of its form.The foliage of circles and surrounding trees seem to embellish a simple Palm tree into something even more majestic.


Here is a Japanese mock orange with its creamy flowers and lots of pollen for feasting showing its polished look.You cannot go pass this fine tree specimen without the fragrant flowers teasing the nose with jam packed orange blossom fragrance.If I was a bee I will definitely have this tree on my list of foraging.


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Feeling the bee loss

I have lost my swarm and feeling the absence of my ladies been gone.Tiny amount of bees that are left over are in their defensive mode.I can understand their traumatic loss of their buddy bees.The hive no longer has the same happy buzz and their security on the upper level.After I caught them I sprang into a on position for making frames and cleaning the spare hive boxes.Now they are lying on the table giving me grief and I am asking the question what I could have done different.

 They left with me such good memories and now there is soothing need to document the joys of their wildness.This perfect shape of wild cone was strong enough for me to take out in one piece.It was soft and the flavor had hint of spring floral notes.When a piece of cone was in the mouth the mind  formed a symphony of happy notes hopping from flower to flower and picking the richest spring nectar.

 My loss is going to be someone’s gain so I am hoping they find a gold dust of a beekeeper who can nurture the goodness on offer.Au Revoir ladies you all will be missed . 


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This was what greeted me when I opened my kitchen door.In the full sun was the content of my hive in full view hanging from my rose bush.My heart sank but the view was magnificent.The rose branch had come alive with my bee ladies .Among the throngs of bees was the royal highness who was on the run from my hive.Not for long!  Armed with a bucket and a secateur I kidnapped my swarm and Now I will house them in the allotment .What the swarm left behind was lot of wild comb.Not only good to look at but also delicious as a treat 

 The comb was was not capped so you can have a sneak preview of  neatly packed hexagons cups of pure goodness.This is nature at its best 


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My Bee video

Let’s see it flies this time.

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